Friday, February 24, 2017

This thing could blend my couch.....

The All Mighty Vitamix 

        When Calvin was around 1 year old his doctor told us he would have to switch from infant formula to a toddler tube fed formula as soon as he turned 1 year old due to insurance. 
No big deal right? Wrong. 

       Our little guy had endured so much in his first year of life, and after trying about 4 different types of formulas we finally found one that worked pretty well and he was gaining weight. Changing his formula would be detrimental to his progress and we knew we needed to do something. This was when a good friend stepped in and introduced us to blended foods for tube fed kids. 

      Who would have thought, real food for real kids. Who cares if they have feeding tubes, they deserve to eat real food too!! 

So the journey began.

       The first step was to get a blender that could puree foods thin enough to fit through his gtube. We were to choose from two blenders. The first we had heard good things about, but the vitamix won RAVE reviews from all tube fed parents I talked to! So the medical discount process started and after about 4 weeks we had our blender!!
Tardis blue was what I wanted, of course.

      With guidance from his dietitian at Cincinnati Children's we dived head first in to making blended food for Calvin. And it worked for almost a year!! He was doing great, but then one sickness lead to another and we had to stop, we ended up finding a great formula that IS blended foods, Nourish. But without the Vitamix blender, Cal wouldn't be anywhere close to where he is now. Real foods helped him grow and function better, like it does with all toddlers. 

Now we use the vitamix for purees for him to eat by mouth!!

     After our entire house being ill this week we had fruit that was going bad and I needed to use it quickly. So I made apple, pear, banana, and peanut butter puree with almond milk. This will get eaten by Hannah and Calvin before the weekend is over. 

     As we all know, the peal of apples and pears has the most nutrients, but blending it can be difficult. Not with the Vitamix, like the title implies, I really do believe this thing could blend up my couch. (But don't try that, unless you want to eat couch, and ruin your blender)

The Vitamix has a 64oz container and now comes in Silver, stainless steel, platinum, red, and white (It came in blue a few years ago)

The settings are great for whatever you need. I use the variable setting to get all of my ingredients into the blender, then I use high speed to make sure there are no chunks. Calvin would get sick if I left ANY chunks behind!
This thing can also make soup, and make it HOT! (Amazing, right?)
There is a plunger that helps mash things down into the blades, helpful for greens and hard fruits.
Overall, this is my FAVORITE kitchen gadget for making Calvin's foods, I don't have to worry about peel or chunks getting in his food and causing him to regress. 

You can check out the vitamix at Vitamix ! The price varies by model. 

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